Wrinkle Reduction

Whether you are in the early stages of wrinkle prevention or correcting years of damage resulting in fine lines and wrinkles, Dr. Sugimoto Med Spa has the wrinkle reduction options for you. We use a wide variety of products and treatments that can satisfy all your wrinkle concerns.

Dynamic Wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles are those wrinkles that are formed when you make facial expressions. They are located wherever your muscles are most active such as on the forehead, between your eyebrows, and around your eyes. These kinds of wrinkles are best treated by Botox® injections, which relax those muscles, and/or using RF TriPollar technology, which promote collagen production in these areas.

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Static Wrinkles

Static wrinkles are wrinkles that are present on your face even when your face is in a completely neutral position. When dynamic wrinkles are left without being treated, they turn into static wrinkles. These kind of wrinkles can be found all over the face but are most common around the mouth, between the eyebrows, and by the eyes. Using Juvederm® filler technology we can plump up these areas and provide beautiful smooth skin that looks fresh and young and/or using RF TriPollar technology to promote collagen production in these areas. We also recommend Laser treatments with our Palomar Icon 1540 non-ablative fractional laser. A series of treatments smooths fine lines and improves skin texture while promoting collagen production.

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To maintain a naturally youthful appearance or to dramatically reverse your years of aging, we highly recommend using a Physician Dispensed Obagi Skin Care System. This amazing skin regimen is anti-aging and gets to work on fighting fine lines, age spots, brightening and evening out your skin tone, and smoothing your skin texture.

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