Chemical Peels

Improve your skin’s appearance by eliminating fine lines, even out skin pigmentation, resurface skin and eliminate superficial acne scars by booking a chemical peel appointment. We offer three different kinds of medium-deep chemical peels: salicylate, glycolic, and Jessner. Our knowledgable physician will help you decide which peel is right for you.

The salicylate chemical peel is perfect for those struggling with acne. Salicylate works to break down oils in the top layers of your skin, cleaning out your pores and leaving you with fresh and beautiful skin.

A glycolic chemical peel is excellent for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and acne. This particular peel releases the top layer of skin and reveals a newer layer of skin underneath. Due to this process, the old and rough skin is eliminated which makes wrinkles disappear in addition to reducing the amount of oil in the skin which can aid in getting rid of acne.

Jessner peels remove the top layers of your skin and lighten dark spots while giving you much younger and cleaner looking skin. This peel can clean out pores and remove blackheads, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars, and erase hyperpigmentation.